March 16, 2016

A kitchen is a space for socialising and entertaining, a place for nourishment and happiness. Layer textures for warmth, add warm toned lighting and remove clutter and unwanted kitchen appliances to keep this space a happy, inviting and warm area.

Encorporate bright colours such as white, pale blue and creams for tranquility and nutrition. Ensure there is copious amount of natural light and add multiple textures such as curtains, dining chairs and table cloths for an intimate vibe.

A living room is a space for entertaining, socialising whilst also relaxing. 
Place the largest sofa in the space against a wall for stability, and all other chairs closest to a window for relaxation. Use colours such as beige, brown, grey, emerald green and saphire blue for warmth.
Accessorize with tones of bronze, golds and coppers for a feeling of wealth. 
Encorporate live plants and flowers to increse energy flow.

A bedroom is a place of relaxation and comfort, center align the bed inbetween two bedsides and ensure there is no underbed storage, this creates an energy flow.
Use warm colours such as browns, beiges, pale tones of green and grey.

It is important to encourage liveliness in this room to ensure you get your work done, you can do this by adding pops of colour, live plants and flowers . Ensure there is adequate storage space and natural light.

Hallway / Entrance
Your front door should be the largest and grandest door in your home  that opens fully to welcome energy and prosperity. Ensure the lighting in the hallway is bright and inviting.

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