February 18, 2017

The colder months are coming folks, but don't worry, we have you covered with our trasitioning into winter tips & tricks.
Add layers of faux look furs
This adds a feel and look of comfort and warmth and pulls a room together to create a finished, polished look.
Throw over the end of beds, sofas, ottomans or even on the floor as a rug.
Change Your Bedding
Winter is the time to incoporate greys, dark brown, dark beiges, gold, copper and blacks into your bedroom.
These are all perfect colours for winter as they reflect the colours outside whilst giving off a warm and cozy vibe.
Incorporate a Rug
A rug grounds the space whilst incoporating an organic energy and adds warmth and luxury to any space.

Incorporate Velvet
By incorporating velvet into your home in winter, you are adding a feeling of warmth, comfort and luxury. The best thing abouy velvet is that it is available in almost every colour!
Upholster that worn out chair or sofa, add cushions, accessories or throws.
Invest in a Humidifer!
Winter air is dry air! Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which can create a lot of benefits for you, your family and your home, by placing a humidifier in your home in winter, your plants will live longer, you will feel better and the air will remain fresh.

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