April 01, 2016

Creating a space that fits with both persons needs, wants and desires can be a failry tricky and daunting task especially when it comes to a bedroom.
I’ve put together my best tips and tricks to keeping a room gender neutral.
Tip 1
Avoid stereotypical colours such as pinks, purple, yellows and reds.
Blue is generally a stereotypical colour however you can get away with it, depending on the shade of blue and how you furnish the room.

Tip 2
Keep a neutral palette. Cream, beige, grey or white walls and carpet, this way you can accessorize as per each individual style.
Tip 3
Use textiles and furniture that have a wealthy luxurious vibe to them such as coppers, gold, bronze, velvets, furs and soft leathers.
Tip 4
Ensure when using leather, you soften the space either with a throw or a cushion.

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