June 09, 2016

Every year fashion and interior addicts wait excitedly for the Pantone colour report, with great anticipation to incorporate it into their home and wardrobe.

Before you choose a new color palette to decorate your home, consider the fact that each color has an emotional meaning and an influence on your psychology. Cool colours are best for summer, warm colours for winter, and giving you a sense of being cosy.

Be ahead of the rest at Öopenspace, with our homewares and accessories reflecting the natural yet modern Pantone Autumn tones. Reflective of Autumn’s natural colour palette, become inspired by the colours of the yellow and russet leaves with throw rugs for your bed or sofa, or bring in the lush green of newly rained on meadows with houseplants in one of our beautiful planters.

Welcome in the grey skies and thunderclouds with cushions, and the pink of the Autumn blush of roses and the mushroom pinks with ceramic accents and cushions. Find your perfect Autumn accents at Öopenspace.

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