July 26, 2017

The use of wall tiles in a traditional sense has always been relegated to either the bathrooms or kitchen for mostly utilitarian reason. Given that we actually spend more time in living spaces, why are there barely any wall tiles used instead where it can be a feature? In addition, it can be also used on the façade of a home which will immediately make a keen and strong impact.

ooking back, we see the many great ancient civilisations like the Ancient Roman, Greeks, Persians and Chinese used artistic wall mosaics to embellish their buildings, both externally and internally. It was not merely ornamental, but it was imbued with highly significant meanings and symbolism. During the reign of the Ottoman empire, the Persians exemplified intricate patterns through the use of tiles that reflected a mathematical order like no other and as a symbol of divinity. It was Art x Math x Religion at its zenith.

The Palace dome in Alhambra, Granada Spain

 In recent history, we see Antonio Gaudi’s building facades in Barcelona or the iconic Sydney Opera House in Sydney to name a few, demonstrates how essential the wall tiles were at defining the spirit of a grandeur space.

Being so affordable and easy to use, Bentu Wall tiles is giving us the opportunity to create our own art wall inside our homes. Whether you have an empty wall at the end of the corridor, or a feature wall in the living room craving for an adequate painting or mirror to amplify the space, each Bentu hexagonal tile, with its 6 sided geometric patterns moves away from the traditional square tile arrangement.

Hexagon shapes takes inspiration from Roman and Moorish ornaments and designs. Hexagons give the most striking geometric patterns and the permutations are infinite. They could replace a painting in the living room and become a 3D painting/sculpture, or could be featured on the wall next to the stairs or even in the alfresco area.

For commercial projects, they could be mounted externally in the facade of the shop (*), or it could be installed along a feature wall, or counter. The options are endless. Yet, the outcome is simply stunning and stylish.

From ceramic to natural stone to highly textured reliefs and 3-D profiles,  Bentu’s tiles are an excellent alternative for those who ‘dare’ to use tiles for a more creative purpose either in their homes or a commercial project. The hexagon form shows no sign of waning, and Bentu wall tiles Series are not “just decorative”. It transcends pure function and transforms it into a more dynamic space with an edge and 3-dimensionality.

Time to turn concrete over its head!


Written by Christian Öshiro


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