April 26, 2018

How fast has winter come around? I don’t know about you, but we are torn about how we feel about the fast approaching cold weather! On the one hand we are upset to see the sunshine go and on the other we are super excited for the colours, textures and materials that is to be on trend this winter!





It’s a fine line, like fashion when the season changes, so does the style and trends. So when it comes to the forefront of any trend, it can be hard to guess what the key, timeless items will be. So we got to work on finding out what to expect this winter and what will stick around for a while.






Big, boldand fierce colours are making their way front and centre this winter. We will see a lot of emerald green, burnt orange, midnight blue and rich purple tones. These rich colours grab people’s attention, yet still remain timeless.





Being authentic and raw! More and more people are becoming more aware of their environment and themselves and selecting furniture is no different. We have already started to strip back and become more multifunctional and minimal but this winter, concrete will play huge part in the trends. Whether it be a concrete dining table or concrete flooring, having something as natural as concrete makes it easier to bring in those bold colours and textures




Getting comfy with texture. If you are resisting the velvet ‘craze’, it’s time to get on board because this trend will be around for a while! Now more than ever people aren’t scared to experiment and aren’t afraid to be bold. Velvet does just that, it makes a statement! Introducing velvet into your home, will automatically create a warm and inviting space. 







Put your hand up if you can’t wait for these trends to show themselves? If you need help creating a space you’re proud of, or just want to add a few finishing touches, get in touch and let us create a mood board for you.

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