October 17, 2017

Whether you live in a studio, small apartment or even a mansion, when we think of a common space in the home which is multifunctional, the living room is what comes to mind. It is the hub of the home, where the whole family can be a part of the happenings. It’s the space for entertaining, hosting, relaxing, socialising and maybe even sleeping.
The main piece in the living room is without a doubt the sofa on which we carry out all these activities on, so choosing your sofa is crucial.

In saying this, how do we pick a sofa that creates the feeling that we want with our living space? A sofa that is inviting, comfortable and to a certain degree tells a story?

How do we pick a sofa that will be in our lives for years, that will be there throughout all the memories made?

 Here’s How!

Beautiful inside and out

What’s inside and what makes up the sofa is what will determine the quality of what you’re getting. The frame, support and filling is where you want to look. When it comes to the frame – Solid wood or hard wood is a must. If it’s plywood or soft wood it can crack, break or bend over time.

The support is pretty easy to determine, just try sitting on the sofa and see if it sags. It shouldn’t sag and it should provide great comfort in the seat and in the back.

The filling is as equally important as the structure and the support. Making sure you have a good quality foam, is most important, stay away from Dacron foam and opt for a high-density foam. If you want even better comfort pick a sofa that is feather based, that will allow you to ‘sink’ into your sofa without it losing its shape.


Adapt & Change

With our lives ever changing, pick a sofa that can change with you. A sofa that allows you to rearrange if you need or even pull apart if you happen to downsize. You can even choose a sofa that has an integrated side table, that will save space when needed. The options are endless, when you get creative.






F is for Fabric

The quality of the fabric is often hard to pick when you don’t know what to look for. Look for the Martindale/Abrasian rating and try and get the highest possible. For the best durability, select a sofa with the commercial grade of 80,000 or higher. The better the rating the better the wear and tear.

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