August 30, 2017

The Ö Apartment– styled by Anna Flanders is about creating a space that is essentially anduniquely you. It brings forth the argument about quality or quantity of space, creating intimacy and comfort yet being versatile. It doesnt matter how small a space is, but whatyou do with it that counts.

A research conducted by UCLA that tracks the movement of the occupants of 32 homes. The major activities occupy only about 40sqm, which consistsof just three spaces– the living, dining and kitchen. Again it is not the size that matters, but how well the space is designedthat takes into account the way we inhabit our homes, environmental sustainability, natural ventilation and light.


Small space living is about living a sustainable and efficient lifestyle. It is about using less, not just in terms of physical footprint (therefor reducing suburban sprawl) but also aboutusing more with less. With furniture the same principal appliesquality over quantity. Furniture should not be made cheap and disposable and whilstits not about beingextravagant, but more about knowing what is well-designed, well-made and holds value. Itsabout knowing where to invest more, whilst paring back on some.

The Ö-Apartment exemplifies this with a cost 
effective authentic alternative that shows where you can spend and where you can save to create spaces that reflect who you are – uniquely and beautifully. The Ö Apartment furniture features truly affordable and authentic Danish designer brands such as Wendelbo and Sketch Interiors also whilst featuring the SMEG retro kitchen, audio and visual by Bang & Olufsen and a unique freestanding bath ensuite by Reece.

our Ö Apartment, we have included some inviting, yet simplistic accessories to complete the look. Chucking in some patterns, texture and warmth with cushions, throws and art helps create the lux feeling without having to include too many products. Being bold with ouraccessories– in terms of colour has also helped us set the space.

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