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Coming into warmer months, at Öopenspace we’ve fallen in love with outdoor lounging, backyard entertaining and terrace dining. With Spring well under way, now is the time to put those outdoor ideas you’ve had brewing into action.

We tend to spend most of our time and energy on selecting the pieces for our indoor spaces, which means our outdoor furniture tends to get overlooked. Being outside is beneficial to us in many ways and we seem to disregard the way outdoor furniture connects us to our outdoor environments. So why shouldn’t we pay the same attention to quality, design and comfort to our exterior spaces just as we do for our interiors.

At Öopenspace, we believe less is a whole lot more.
You don’t need a huge amount of space or numerous pieces in order to create a beautiful outdoor oasis, which is great for the number of Australians downsizing, as well as keeping down the time required for upkeep as well as the question of sustainability and land sprawl.

Living our busy lives, when it comes to your outdoor space we want to bring more inspirational moments and less maintenance upkeep our furniture. So when selecting a piece of outdoor furniture, you want to do it right the first time round. In purchasing outdoor furniture, we do not encourage disposable or replaceable items as this contributes to the amount of land waste as well as continuously having to replace and restore the furniture time and time again. All it takes is some creative thinking and an understanding of the suitable ranges of outdoor furniture on offer.

Before we can select a piece of outdoor furniture, we need to understand how certain materials will withstand our harsh Australian outdoor climate.


Teak is one of the most common options on the market today, but when working with timber, there will be always a level of maintenance that comes with it. Teak is commonly used for boats due to its durability and water resistance, but unless maintained regularly it will age in our Australian sun and therefore will need replacing making it quite a disposable option long-term


AT800 series by Maiori features two of the most suitable materials when it comes to outdoor furniture. Not only can the table and chairs fold down flat, the aluminium corner piece joining the table to its legs allows for flexibility of configuration. When it comes to maintenance, the AT800 is as low maintenance as it can get. The perforated sheet top allows rain to run straight through meaning you will get no pooling as well as being so lightweight that Maiori states “the table has more void than matter.”

Marine-Grade Aluminium

One of the most viable options on the market today is powder coated aluminium. Being one of the most sustainable option out there; powder coated aluminium emits almost zero volatile organic compounds, can be recycled, produces less hazardous waste than other liquid coatings during production, rust, corrosion and chip resistant and not to mention is highly cost and time efficient. Outdoor furniture collections by Maiori provide design and style without sacrificing sustainability and performance. Maiori stands by its pieces and “a body of aluminium T6 means every piece is ultra-light yet heavy-duty, add a layer of trademark powder coating and you have a high performance promise from any piece, on any location, in or outdoors.”


Fiberstone is a very versatile material, being made up of fiberglass and stone can allow pieces to look like stone or concrete. Being a combination of these materials means fiberstone is a lightweight, durable and a very versatile option which makes it less fragile and easier to move, as well as being able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures.


The Livorno collection by Globewest features earth like textures and bold lines, which makes a statement in any space. Globewest states the Livorno is “fit for inside or outside spaces, the Livorno features sculptural design with a sturdy fibrestone and solid resin construction that ensure worry-free care in any weather.”


Whether you are bringing the inside out or the outside in Bentu’s concrete “engages in product design and innovation”. Concrete will stand the test of time by reducing the need for replacement due to its durability. Due to its toughness, timeless and unique appearance, concrete adds up to be a good investment long-term.

Bentu produces experimental pieces that explores the ideas of space, creation and environment through their rugged and natural textural appearance of concrete. Bentu is an advocate for sustainability with Concrete being 100% recyclable and with Bentu producing items with 20% of recycled construction waste. With pieces ranging from indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, accessories, lighting, wall décor there’s something to suit all spaces.

At Öopenspace, there will always be something that will suit your space. Pop into our Subiaco showroom where our team of designers are waiting to help transform your space into a space of sanctuary.

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