July 17, 2017

No longer seen as just building material, concrete is making a big comeback to the design stage as a timeless and luxurious material to have in homes.

As a material, concrete has a strong yet adaptable nature lending itself to endless uses and styles, but as a design element, concrete brings with it a unique texture that showcases itself as highlight of interior styling.

Each slab carries with it a story of warmth and personality that makes an instant statement in a space.

Öopenspace x Bentu from Ö'Peeps on Vimeo.

BENTU Design Studio has started up a new wave in concrete design, effortlessly flaunting the material’s strong and reliable, yet pure and luxurious characteristics through their minimalist designs.

The independent design studio, established in 2012, is known for achieving the perfect balance between sustainability and great user design to create stunning functional products for home. Often using recycled materials like concrete, their handmade products strive to showcase the essence and authenticity of natural materials through exploring innovative methods of production.

To retain the exquisite texture and organic composition of concrete in their Concrete Series, BENTU purposefully excluded resin from the production process - making each lighting, table and chair created unique in its own way.


BENTU often uses recycled materials like concrete, and strives to showcase the essence and authenticity of natural materials through exploring innovative methods of production.

On its own, concrete products stand out in an industrial or minimalist setting. Paired with the right materials, the warmth of concrete shines through and blends in beautifully with urban chic and contemporary homes. So no matter what your style preference is, a well-made concrete piece will always compliment.


Wonder Walls: Rather than framed artwork, add a layer of texture to your walls with 3D concrete tiles to create a focal point. Singularly striking and outstanding as a cluster, the Six(left)and SAN(right) Wall Tiles combines ruggedness with elegance; adding a touch of texture to any space.


The Perfect Balance : This simple yet sophisticated Qie Pendant Light is the perfect balance of coolness and warmth. The warmth of the bamboo and the red tinge of the recycled concrete and stone adds a stunning visual aesthetic to any living space.


Green with Envy: Pair a minimalistic concrete planter like the Bentu Zero Planter with some greenery to bring life and personality to a space.


The Great Outdoors:Concrete can be used in a sophisticated fashion outdoors. The V Outdoor Wall Light uses the contrast of reflection between aluminum and concrete to create a stunning silhouette against the wall, adding a sophisticated edge to the outdoor area.


Making A Statement: Blending simplicity and elegance, the black lines and subtle features of the Shen Dining Table help the concrete tabletop stand out on its own as a statement piece.


Go for Gold: Although vastly different in texture, metallics and concrete manage to perfectly complement each other, as seen with the Zhong Pendant Light. This gold and concrete combination has become one of the most popular style trends around home and event styling.


Colour Your World:These RI Table Lights show that you don’t have to shy away from colour when styling with concrete! Let your personality shine through by injecting pops of colour into your styling


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