September 19, 2017

Change is trending

The current trends that are happening are causing families to re think the way they traditionally use their space in their homes to make them more multi-purpose. Now that the world is becoming more populated, many people are choosing to downsize and move into smaller spaces like apartments. Although we want to downsize our homes, we are still wanting to create space, so the calling for ‘multipurpose furniture’ has become more apparent.

But why?

The reason behind this is to create less of an environmental footprint and live a simpler, less cluttered life. As a result, more attention has been put on the use of the furniture and having pieces that can double as something else or having furniture that can change in size & shape.

It doesn’t lack style!

Just because this new trend is on more of the practical side, it doesn’t mean it’s lost all style. In fact, the pieces in our range that can be changeable actually have more of a design feature to them. The craftsmanship involved in each piece is stunning and well thought out.

How can you do it?

When you’re downsizing, really think how you can incorporate the ‘multipurpose’ trend in your home. The biggest thing to consider is not wasting ANY space. I know, easy said than done, but consider this: having an ottoman in front of your sofa, that can be used as a seat or a coffee table. Or do you have a spare wall and don’t want to put ‘another’ piece of furniture there, how about using stackable shelving ideas? You can start small with these changes and when you’re ready go bigger like having your dining room double up as a desk

Get some inspiration!

Creating a room that serves more than one purpose may sound challenging, however itactually opens up a lot more opportunity.
This trend of change has started something exciting, so the team at Oopenspace have hopped on board and put together a collection of changeable furniture that allows you to explore what can happen when you incorporate function, design and style into one.


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