BENTU Design Studio

BENTU Design Studio was founded in 2012 as an independent design brand. They engage in product design and innovation. With a basic method of design, they are committed to making different materials return to their essence, present their unique texture and produce the products that suit our daily demand.


There are a huge number of designs in the world and people call them “innovation power”. However, they do not make us become better, wiser or more merciful. The so- called design masters work hard to tour around and sell the interests behind them. What is the value of design? Real innovation power means the removal of ignorance and the cease of greed. That is where “innovation” comes in.



Bentu Design boldly and steadfastly introduces the purest experience into space, with furniture, lamps, utensils and decorations all made of concrete. It is confidence, innovation and a practical design that makes Bentu a designer that can easily transform a well- known material into individuality, art and tasteful power. Often, beauty is more important than aesthetics. The less restriction we set, the better it will be. The less exact the restrictions are, the more powerful they are.

The recycling of construction wastes

We consume things at all time, we abandon things over and over again. With honor and oprtimism, we have revived. We conduct experiment in recycling and recreation, taking advantage of quantities of offcut of ceramic tile from Foshan. It is an attitude towards lofe, and also a kind of contience.

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