Courtyard - OOPENSPACE


“Layer. That’s the tip to personalise your balcony or outdoor space. We’ve used tiles from a faux and fabulously coloured decking range over the top of our flooring (build a frame as your base). While ours is your usual decking colour, grey, pink and more hues are available. Furniture is becoming more ‘apartment friendly’ in smaller scale options and great shapes with waterproof-fabric slips, and even floor-standing lighting is available (ours is solar-powered) which takes up limited space, but adds a designer edge. If you can’t attach anything to your balcony, our build-it-yourself wall is your best friend. We joined together multiple units to create ours, then popped plants in the top for that layered outdoor ‘in the garden’ feel. No need for potted plants on the decking means more space for a dining table and seating – winning! Positioned right near the kitchen, a barbecue isn’t necessary. It’s just a shame we couldn’t fit in a Japanese-style plunge bath!”