Wendelbo furniture brand was founded in Aarhus, Denmark since 1955. Upholsterer and founder Tage Petersen had a goal of producing custom-made sofas using the old-fashioned styles of craftsmanship and incorporating values such as quality, precision and pride. These values instilled by the founder remain core to the business today.

Syle & Comfort

Wendelbo’s contemporary design style is strongly influenced by the use of materials and artisanal work. The style has become more unique and the production has become more industrial - without forgetting it’s traditional values: Craftsmanship, quality and style in every single detail.

Skill and True Craftsmanship

Wendelbo is dedicated to creating modern furniture of the highest quality. This ambitious vision is realised through the use of honest materials and innovative design.

It all starts with a creative idea taking shape on the designer’s drawing board. This idea is then allowed to unfold before it materialises into a comfortable piece of furniture in Wendelbo’s collection.

The Growth of Wendelbo

In 2007 the company decided to move its production to Saigon, Vietnam. This move has proven to be a clever move and the beginning of a new era for the company. It has helped expand the company on an international level. Christian Wendelbo - third generation, currently manages the Vietnam factory and its 300 plus highly skilled workers. The original core values are just as important in Vietnam today as they were in Aarhus in 1955.