About Öopenspace

Enriching the lives of every Australian through the setting of space that is open to all. With a refined selection of international designs and locally crafted furniture to challenge the normality of disposability, we share our embrace of a new 'old' way of conscious living and consumption that heralds a sustainable way of living.

At Öopenspace, we seek to inspire through a highly curated collection of handcrafted contemporary furniture with an inherent Scandinavian aesthetic, showcasing a collection of functional and beautifully designed furniture for the modern Australian home.


Öopenspace exists to impart knowledge on conscious living by bring to the Australian market quality, functional, authentic and beautiful interior solutions at honourable prices. It is our mission to bring original and well-designed furnishing to every home by partnering with likeminded designers that share our values and do everything of exceptional quality.


Our concept is inspired by community and a devotion to liveable design and creative expression, where our philosophy is holistic and living well is our ritual. 

Our considered environment allows you to reimagine spaces as they wander our gallery and showroom with personalised service that goes far beyond your typical retail experience. We provide a complete end to end service.

It is our purpose to understand the needs and wants of our customer. We endeavour to provide customised solution to enhance every day living.


Öopenspace is a multidisciplinary design house lead by Aaron Teo, the founder. Öopenspace is a movement towards conscious living and consumption. We are working towards a way to restore harmony within the design world by creating product lines in house, and turning what was once forgotten into something new and aligning with brands to produce less but better. 

All Australian households should have access to beautifully designed spaces without compromise.

We share a mutual devotion to high quality craftsmanship and design standards with each of the brands we represent. Our partner brands believe in and promote the same principle. We ally with these brands that employ responsible manufacturing processes and utilise ethically sourced materials from sustainably managed forests.