The Ö Apartment - Collaborators


We were set up by a group of architects who were wanting to bring a mid-priced furniture alternative to the Perth market. Our furniture and accessories are designed by studios in Denmark, Japan, Germany, Shanghai, Singapore and China. In fact, this apartment launches the Bentu range of furniture, lighting and accessories into the Perth design landscape for the first time. Made in China, it’s one of the first Chinese design studios producing responsible authentic design for the global market.


Temple Fine Rugs not only curates a collection of the world’s most beautiful and culturally significant carpets, but is also the West Australian agent for many of the world-leading rug producers and designers. This offering of the antique, vintage, revived and contemporary has defined Temple Fine Rugs as a destination for those who seek style, quality and authenticity. Owners Chris and Sandy are an absolute wealth of knowledge, so a conversation with them is a great starting point when sourcing your rug.


Dogs Today Magazine in the UK calls Perth-based photographer Alex Cearns “one of our greatest dog photographers in the world”. That may be true, but she’s also got a way with wildlife. With a six-month waiting list of engaged pet lovers, corporate brands across the globe and about 40 Australian and International animal charities and conservation organisations, she’s in demand. But Alex also tucks some travel into her schedule for a working holiday. It’s these images, and her studio wildlife portraits, that we bring into our interiors.


Mira and Dimitri Dimitriadis met on the Greek Islands in 1995: she a visitor  from Serbia and he a local from the Island of Salamina. From an early  age, both were surrounded by the powerful Byzantine iconography of the  Orthodox church; as a young adults, they studied Hagiography – the traditional artistic depiction of saints and angels. After several decades of following strict artistic guidelines, today Mira and Dimitri re-interpret the classic pillars of Byzantine art to give their works a fresh, modern vernacular. The pair’s paintings have been featured on national television in Serbia, auctioned for charity, offered for sale in Australia and featured in select galleries in Denmark. They hang in homes from New York to San Francisco, Copenhagen, Vienna, Hamburg and beyond.


Waldemar Kolbusz is one of Perth’s most loved and renowned artists. He stepped away from his day job as an accountant more than two decades ago to pursue painting as a career and hasn’t looked back. His non-representational oil paintings are defined by an abstract energy. Dribbled lines, hard edges and visible brushstrokes come together in a textural, vibrant and energetic composition that generates an expressive sense of immediacy. These artworks are collected and commissioned throughout Australia and the world for home and commercial spaces.


This store is everything that is wonderful about cooking and entertaining. Started by Simon Johnson, a renowned Sydney foodie, it is an institution in Australia that has stood the test of time. It’s focus is on the best produce from around the globe and beautifully handcrafted accessories that share the same artisanal qualities and provenance as the food. The beauty of shopping at Simon Johnson is the staff are foodies, too, and live what they sell, so can always provide advice, recipes and insights – plus a coffee while you stalk the shelves.


When you think designer kitchen, you think Smeg. This family owned and run appliances company is based in Italy and continues to excite design-lovers throughout the world. The fridges are iconic, cookers move between classic to contemporary and the accessories come in the most wonderful shapes and colours. While the retro range is our fav, the contemporary lines are just as packed with design and technology – such as the apartment-sized dishwasher we have in The O Apartment. This company has been producing its wide range of kitchen appliances for more than 60 years, yet continues to evolve and push boundaries with it design.


Reece is one of the most loved bathroom brands in Australia. It launched almost 100 years ago as a small enterprise selling products from the back of a truck. Today, it sells from more than 450 stores across Australia and employs 4000 staff. Its product offering is huge and numbers in the 1000s, including leading brands from throughout the world across bathtubs, basins, tapware, toilets, towel rails and much more. We’ve feature the 73cm-wide Kado Lure Petite freestanding bathtub in our apartment because it has the efficient proportions required for an apartment ensuite, and matched it with the industrial-vibe of the Alape Klassiker Wall Basin and uber-contemporary Milli Axon tapware.


Regarded as Australia’s leading European linen wholesaler, Pure Linen has been bringing the best in bedding, napery and soft furnishings to our homes for more than 10 years. Marina Wiese launched the company when she moved from St Petersburg to Australia and found how difficult it was to find linen pieces. Having been brought up with linen as an everyday textiles, she spent two year researching the industry before stepping into what has evolved as a leading specialist linen company here in Australia. Pure Linen sheets are legendary, with ranges including Stonewash Belgian Linen and Arctic Linen.


If you want the best in sound and the best in design and sound, then Audiohub is what you need. This store has been educating and supplying Perth on the best audio for more than 10 years. It has a small passionate team that knows its stuff – from Bose to Bang & Olufsen and Sonos – and provides listening rooms so you can get the at-home audio experience. They have a huge range on floor and in stock, so can get you up close and personal with your preferred audio straight away. Also ask about their Smart Home systems, home consults and installs. We were lucky enough to feature their B&O range instore, which adds amazing sound with a design edge.


Chelsea Macri is the green heart and thumb behind the Let It Grow Co brand. She’s a passionate indoor plant aficionado who knows her stuff and not only sells the ontrend pot-and-plant combos, but also consults on living greenery across all interior styles from budget to high-end. And, if it’s not in store, then it’s highly likely she can source it from her extensive networks. She is passionate about supporting local makers in her pot range, and will always find the right plant match for you and your interior.


Anna Flanders has been writing about interiors for almost 25 years, working in the national interior magazine industry for 21 years and running her own creative company (styling, writing, editing, consults) for the past seven years. She believes interiors are personal and must reflect the owner, plus be beautiful, inviting and support the lifestyles of those who live in the spaces. Rather than having a set style, Anna has a great love of all interiors and products from antique to rustic, ethnic, classic and contemporary, and from layered to pared back. In our apartment, she wanted to create a layered space that looked comfortable, personal and easy to live in with a mix of budget to higher end pieces.