How We Bring You Amazing Value

Because we aim to bring you unprecendated value in high quality, original designer furniture that last, these are some of the process that happens along the way.

1. Made closer To You

Traditionally, an European furniture arrives at our shores at very high cost due to freight and logistics. (As well as huge markups!) But in bringing the Danish traditions of furniture making across the continent to Asia, we reduce the cost of logistics and manufacturing, resulting in massive savings to you.

2. Direct To You

Traditionally, there are many layers of middle persons between the makers and you. Because we deal directly with the manufacturers and reduce the ‘middle layers’, it means we are able to bring you original designer products at never- before-seen prices.

3. From Us To You

We believe less is more, and living with things that lasts. Disposables are bad for the environment, especially when it comes to furniture where heaps of natural resources are being used. Therefore, our team of trained profressionals of architects, interior designers and stylists can help you make the right choice. We can help you visualise what your space will look like with moodboards and even interior 3D scenes. Contact us to find out more.

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