Maiori Greens Duo


Designed as a simple drip watering system, Greens Duo is the starting point for a vertical garden; it allows water to flow from top to bottom, eliminating water paddles and overwatering, ideal for interior spaces. If you have 0.3 square meters of floor space you have a garden, it is that simple.

From one simple balcony wall to a big perimeter, just plug & play Greens VGS to suit your garden and space needs, or desires. Greens Duo belongs to the Greens Vertical Garden System (VGS) family, because it is modular endless combinations of heights and colours are possible.


Brand: Maiori
Designer: Maiori Design
Dimensions (mm):

1000 (L) x 290 (W) x 1200 (H)

Materials: Aluminium, Finishing Powder Coated Paint
Assembly Required: Not Required
Warranty Information: 7 years structural & 2 years rust warranty
Sku: GR9177P2-A1