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Pumpkin Large Stool

WON Design

Soho 44 : $452.00 -

Soho 69 : $452.00 -

Soho 81 : $452.00 -

Soho 52 : $452.00 - Soft 14 : $508.00 Mainline Flax 32 : $508.00 Mainline Flax 35 : $508.00 Mainline Flax 13 : $508.00 Mainline Flax 22 : $508.00 Mainline Flax 36 : $508.00 Mainline Flax 40 : $508.00 Cura 68186 : $508.00 Cura 66167 : $508.00 Cura 64195 : $508.00

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Almost too obvious, a clear and well-defined reference to Pumpkin and Pie, where the sliced circle is the visual essence of this tall soft footstool. Curved, plump, and almost soothing.


Brand: WON Design
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